Abu Dhabi Branch Closure Notice

Dear Customer,

Effective January 10th, 2024 our Abu Dhabi Branch in Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE has closed its operations permanently and the ATM has been removed.

As an alternative arrangement, for continuity of services, with effective from January 10th, 2024 all accounts currently maintained at Abu Dhabi Branch will be transferred to our Dubai Branch which is adequately equipped to extend services in an effective manner.

Those customers who wish to transfer their accounts to Dubai Branch will need to visit our Dubai Branch to have their IBAN and account details changed, and in case, customers want to close and withdraw their deposit or settle their liabilities, they may do so. Effective January 10th, 2024 onwards, customers willing to continue their patronage with the Bank need to contact our Dubai Branch to avail banking services.

For any queries you may contact:

Call Centre (24*7): +971 4 3219970
Email: customer-care@dohabank.ae

Address of our Dubai Branch is as under:

Doha Bank, Dubai Branch
Ground Floor, 21st Century Tower,
Shk. Zayed Road,
Dubai, UAE, PO Box no. 125465
Tel: +971 4 3439111